Simple Websites for Artists and Small Businesses


STEP 1: Design

After establishing your needs, I will make a static, rough layout of your website. This is free of charge. Each website is individually designed and built to your requirements. I don't use templates, so the layout and design is very flexible.

Your input and ideas are welcome. If you are an artist, please send a sample of your work. To get a feel for your preferences, it is helpful to know which layout of the artist's websites you prefer in portfolio.

For a small business website, we will need to consider the aims of your site, your target audience, and the nature of your content.

It can be useful, but not essential, to meet at this stage. I am based in north London, but we can work together just as well via email or phone.

STEP 2: Draft

I will code an initial draft of your website, then upload it to a temporary web address, so you can see how it works online and let me know any changes.

STEP 3: Upload

When you are happy with your website, I will upload to the web at your domain name.

Most simple artists websites take around 10-14 days.


Each website is custom made, so the price will depend on your specific needs.

A rough idea:

Your website's domain name will need to be registered. You can do this yourself, or Artworkbook can register on your behalf. Most .co.uk. names are £10 a year, .com, £20.

Hosting your website is £15 a quarter, or £50 a year.

Updates and changes: £35 per hour.

Please get in touch for a quote.


e: contact@artworkbook.co.uk
t:  020 7502 2540
m: 07715697345
f: @artworkbook